Are you interested in raising funds for your school or organization? Perhaps you would like to hold a car wash or a “dine-in” night with proceeds benefiting your organization. Complete our fundraising application and a Bellacino’s representative will contact you to see how we can best suit your needs.



Bellacino’s of Stow Fundraising Application

In order to be considered for Bellacino’s fundraising program, you must fill out the following application. The information you give us will be used to evaluate your application and to communicate with you regarding our fundraising program. We will do our best to respond to all the requests we receive. You will be contacted within a week to complete the application process. Please remember that submitting an application does not reserve a fundraiser at Bellacino’s.

Bellacino's Fundraiser Rules
  • Bellacino’s will send the group an example of a fundraiser sheet. It will be used to identify each sale for your school or organization and each specific class. This will be handed out to all students or a few days before the scheduled fundraiser event. The students and staff are welcome to make as many copies as they would like. The more copies they hand out, the more customers come in, the more money the group makes. The students must put the classroom number on the fundraiser coupons and hand them out to friends and family. When the coupons are turned in with an order, the Bellacino’s staff will write the amount of the sale on the coupon. The class that spends the most at the Bellacino’s fundraiser will get a Bellacino’s pizza party. The pizza party will include two sheet pizzas.
  • Students, parents, or organization members are not allowed to hand out coupons to any customer walking in the door at Bellacino’s. If they see a friend, a family member or another group family they are welcome give them a coupon. Please do not cherry pick at the front door. If this privilege is abused, the group could lose future fundraiser opportunities.
  • No discount coupons or specials will be accepted with the fundraising coupons. If the customer demands to use the discount coupon or special, the sale will not be included in the fundraiser sales.
  • Flyers announcing the Bellacino’s fundraiser must be sent home the day before the fundraiser.
  • The school or group must advertise the fundraiser during the announcements at the end of the school day on the date of the event and the day before the event.
  • Bellacino’s will contribute in the following manner:
     Bellacino’s will donate 15% for all sales recorded on the fundraiser coupons you hand out to your school, group or organization.